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This is such a unique, beautiful performance and song by Future Islands.

Resonating lyrics from Seasons (Waiting On You):

People change
But you know some people never do 
You know—when people change 
They gain a peace, but they lose one too

Official music video:

This basically explains where I’m at right now, and what I struggle with on a personal level almost daily. renetto is a brilliant vlogger.

I flew Southwest Airlines to Houston and during my connecting flight to  Chicago, my flight attendant was Ondrej Zouhar (speaker & trainer from L.A.). He said a lot of the same things as Marty but with his own spin on it. I love companies that have a sense of humor and make something serious a little easier to digest. When you get the chance, always fly Southwest!

The difference ONE day can make in Buffalo. Thanks, Mother Nature! ☀️❄️


I’m taking a much needed break from Facebook that I’ve been wanting to do for months now. I just feel that my time invested into social media has been consuming my time to improve my personal life, and Facebook is the main culprit.

See, we can portray a certain lifestyle online for the masses that isn’t quite accurate of the overall picture of our lives. Selfies, pictures of pets and/or kids, rants filled with grammatical errors, and happy-go-lucky quotes seem to flood my news feed. What happened to intellectual conversations?

I never really envisioned moving back to my hometown once I left in 2003 for college. After a series of events and odd circumstances, I decided that family was more important than sunshine and palm trees every day, so I moved back in the Fall of 2012.

One year later, I found myself doing the same things I did in Florida. I barely saw my immediate family anymore than I did when I lived 1,200 miles away. I was too busy driving around the country and socializing on the internet.

I’ve alienated myself from my closest friends and family, and I am ashamed. I’ve distanced myself from my personal goals, and I’m not in the financial position I should be based on my experience and skill set. I need to FOCUS on what I NEED to do before I can do what I WANT to do.

I miss video blogging daily. I miss networking with creative people. I miss being happy. A lot of people just assume that I’m successful because I have an online following, when in reality, none of that matters. HAPPINESS matters. People who won’t know or care about what I’m doing in 5 years aren’t nearly as important. You can choose your friends, but not your family.

Someday I want to start my own family. I’m not getting any younger, and I get this sense of urgency all the time that I’m running out of time. In 6 weeks I will be turning 32, and I’m not ready to support a family yet. But THAT IS MY GOAL!

This “break” is just an experiment to see if I can focus on what’s important without all the distractions and unnecessary drama. Here’s to figuring out what I need to do. If you’re in a similar situation, maybe you should give it a try. Thanks for your support.

With Love,

Scott Kinmartin

P.S. Expect more blog posts here instead of Facebook. I look forward to your feedback and continued support.

"What we see mainly depends on what we look for." — Sir John Lubbock

"Comparison Is the Thief of Joy"  Theodore Roosevelt

I have a lot of female friends, most of which I have not slept with. Okay, almost none of which I’ve had sex with. I see what female ‘friends’ do to my male friends all the time. I don’t let myself get close enough to them to feel that way because I’m too smarter than that. I want to believe that men and women can be mature adults and just friends — but MOST of the time, it’s not easy. I DO have female friends like Jolene who I’m great friends with but would never touch under any circumstance…but it’s just not common, unfortunately.

I’m VERY skeptical of females that have mostly guy friends because: (A) They don’t trust other women (B) They like the attention of men (C) They like the control of friend-zoning (D) They often sabotage female friendships because they lack confidence and feel threatened. MEN JUST WANT TO HAVE SEX. Plain and simple. You either have a shot with her and take it, or you’re probably friend-zoned and either keep subtly trying or back off and use the “fade away” strategy.