NBC Nightly News managing editor and anchor Brian Williams raps Snoop Dogg’s classic “Gin and Juice.”

Hop on the back of a quadrocopter for a quick ride through Niagara Falls.

Coke + Nutella + Mentos + Durex = EPIC!


Gentleman: Leonardo passed his umbrella to Elizabeth Debicki happy to stand in the rain as he protected her designer gown.

Read some of the notes. They’re hilarious!

Tyra Banks nails it!

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I tried Nutella for the very first time…and decided to mix it with peanut butter on a sandwich. 👍

See the original location where Microsoft’s iconic ‘Bliss’ wallpaper was taken for Windows XP

This insane stop-motion film, titled “Painted: An Adventure in Stop Motion Body Art,” by  Elvis Schmoulianoff is INCREDIBLE!

According to Fast Company, the Australia-based makeup artist used a vibrant selection of body paints to transform a model into roses, skeletons and even a bronze statue.

The video consists of 1,064 separate images that are put together to create this awesome Muto-inspired visual.

Happy Easter! Here are some Super Mario Bros. eggs just for YOU! 🐰🍬🍫

How can anyone NOT like John Mayer? A musical genius.