I knew this would happen, but I’ve fallen in love with Portland, Oregon. I’ve already visited Mount Tabor, Multnomah Falls, Latourell Falls, Vista House, Pittock Mansion, a variety of local pubs and restaurants, and more. Like most of the Pacific Northwest, Portland has an oceanic climate. It’s somewhat mild and damp right now, but I’m told the summers are relatively dry and warm. It rains an average of 150+ days each year, which would explain why the forests are so green and covered in moss.

Portland is a transit-oriented city with proactive land-use planning, and is one of the most environmentally-friendly cities in the world. It didn’t take long for me to notice all the bio-diesel buses, light rails, and bicycle trails. For a well-established city incorporated in 1851, Portland is quite eclectic and full of contemporary life. I’ve noticed the city is full of youth with alternative lifestyles and anti-establishment demeanor. The people are very friendly with a “come as you are” mentality.

A majority of beers are made by brewing and fermenting malted barley, however my absolute favorite style of beer is Hefeweizen, a popular wheat beer. With that being said, Portland is the second largest port for wheat in the world, and just so happens to be known as “Beertown.” It is home to more than 40 breweries—more breweries than any other city in the world. With microbreweries and micro-distilleries everywhere, your choices aren’t limited to Budweiser, Coors, and Michelob. The best city for happy hour in America!

Portland is home to a diverse array of artists and art organizations. Colorful artwork is not only found at local galleries, pubs and coffee shops, but also street-side—including doors, buildings and food carts throughout the city. There’s quite an artisanal coffee culture here as well. It seems as if every eccentric Starbucks employee in America moved to Portland and began conforming to non-conformity.

The city is filled with local coffee shops, organic restaurants & gardens, microbreweries, small parks, art shops, bike trails, and more. Portland is also the headquarters for Intel, which employs over 15,000 Oregonians, as well as the home of Adidas, Nike, Columbia Sportswear, and many other corporations.

Portland is “the capital of karaoke” with dozens of karaoke bars, so I might just hit up a local pub tonight and lose my voice. Don’t worry about me, though, I’ll fit right in with my beard, beanie, and pint of wheat beer.


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